About Us

Kingfisher Group Limited

Kingfisher Group is an energetic team who believe that everything can be done or made better and we love doing something about that! With the right attitude, motivation and our experience, we can help your business achieve great results; whether this is in the areas of Strategy, Business Performance Growth or Asset and Facilities Management.

The way we like to do business is different, helping our clients establish their strategies and processes, working with them to get these into action and become part of how they operate as a business and more importantly, leaving them with the tools to continue their success journey even once we have left the building.

Our preference is to work with businesses who want to become leaders in their field and have the confidence to take the required actions to get there.

With a growing team of professional resources based in Auckland and Wellington, we are here to help you; no matter how big or small your business is.

+64 (0)4 333 0405

Assets & Facilities Management

Helping you achieve a more strategic and outcomes focused way of operating in the asset and facilities management arena is a key area we are able to support your organisation. Running your day-to-day operations can absorb all your time easily, and with our help, we can transition you and your team into a more proactive way of operating. Key areas we can help you with are:

Asset Management Strategic and Operational Planning

System and process set-up

Procurement of contractors

Establishment of standardised maintenance scopes

FM/AM solution and delivery structuring

Establishing the right type of contract models with your contractors

Asset Management Asset Condition Surveys

Improving Your Businesses Performance

Helping you identify where the performance improvement opportunities are within your business and working with you to put the right actions in place to generate tangible results in these areas.  Our team is here to help you with:

  1. Business turn-arounds
  2. Improve profitability
  3. Drive productivity improvements
  4. Systems and process development
  5. Business planning
  6. Establishing and implementing useful business tools tailored to your business
  7. General business audits, with full reports detailing areas of potential improvement
  8. Change Management