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About Us

Kingfisher Group Limited

We’re an energetic team who are passionate about growing New Zealand businesses, and we want to keep New Zealand businesses just that…New Zealand owned and operated.

If you’re looking to exit your business at some stage (this may include a staged exit to ease into retirement) and want to make sure that it doesn’t just get swallowed up by a global corporate that doesn’t care about your people or the kiwi way of doing things, then talk to us. We are on the hunt to acquire New Zealand businesses, and to then apply our teams marketing, sales, operational and financial expertise to keep the business growing, by adding value to its clients and the people that work in the business itself.

As kiwi’s, we naturally have that innovative drive and tenacity to try to improve the world we live in. We also understand that your business has been built up by the “blood sweat and tears” that you have invested in it; and we are happy to work with you through a gradual exit to allow you to gain comfort and confidence that our team has your businesses best interests at heart.

+64 (0)4 333 0405

Investment Profile

If you are interested in selling your business, but still want to have an ongoing income for a while and would like a to get a premium price for your business, then contact us if your business fits with the below profile:

Privately owned and preferably by an individual or small group of shareholders

EBIT earnings between $500k and $1.5M

Stable or growing revenues

50%+ of revenue to come from service orientated works or through reoccurring revenue streams (e.g. subscriptions)

Has built a reputable name within their chosen industry.

Obviously, our investment profile is more complex than just the above, but we feel that’s a good starting point. This starting point will allow us to have a confidential conversation around whether we are the right buyer for your business and vice-versa.


If you’re considering exiting your business and thinking that selling it might be an option for you, either selling 100% of it up front or through a gradual exit process, then contact us for a confidential and obligation free discussion. Our aim is to keep the process as simple as possible:



Confidentiality Agreement executed


We will arrange a suitable time to come and have a confidential conversation with you about your business (we suggest having this meeting off-site from your business)


If you feel we are the right type of buyer for you and you like the business purchase model we propose, then we would require the annual accounts for the last three years, and the current year-to-date for our finance team to review


We may have some additional questions around how the business operates and want to clarify some of the financials with you


You will be supplied a Terms Sheet, that outlines Kingfisher Group’s offer to acquire your business


Negotiations (if any) would be completed between yourself and Kingfisher Group


Legal Sale and Purchase documentation would be executed


The transition period to take place, allowing management of the business to transfer from yourself to the Kingfisher Group management team


The sale is then completed, which may provide you with either a gradual exit from the business or a immediate exit, dependant on the final structure of the sale